Who We Are

At Cascade, we partner with best-in-class HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors across the Southeast to provide technician training and retention, disciplined growth, and outstanding customer service. Our brands are well-established leaders in their respective markets and communities. Here, businesses grow and excel, and employees build fulfilling careers.

Our Approach



Let's work together! If you're a business owner, reach out to us directly. We'd love to chat with you and see if there's potential for an acquisition or partnership. We're excited to help your business grow and invest in its success. Once we've determined that there's potential for a partnership, we'll take the next step together!



Great news! We've determined that your business aligns with our investment criteria, and it seems like Cascade Services could be a perfect fit for your goals. Let's take the next step and exchange a Confidentiality Agreement, so you can feel comfortable sharing some more information with us. We're excited to learn more about your business and see how we can work together! Here is the information we typically request during this stage:

  • 3 years of financial results (P&L and balance sheet)
  • Review of annual benefits received by the owner(s)
  • KPI review (customer and service mix, average ticket, etc.)
  • Organization chart and employee census
Awesome, we've received all the information you've shared with us and we're excited to move forward. After reviewing everything, we'll give you a call to discuss next steps. If we're both on the same page, we'll confirm our interest and move forward. However, if it doesn't seem like a good fit, we'll let you know politely. If we do move forward, we'll arrange an on-site visit. We can't wait to learn more about your business in person!



Great news, the visit was a success! Now, let's dive deeper and get to know each other better. We'll exchange more information and may schedule another visit. As we learn more about your business and you learn more about us, we'll have further discussions about the value of your business and potential transaction structure. These conversations will eventually lead us to a formal Letter of Intent.

A Letter of Intent, or "LOI" is like a formal, written handshake between us. It lays out the terms that we are proposing as a buyer, and it shows that we're both serious about moving forward with the acquisition or investment. We're selective about issuing LOIs because it means that we're committed to putting in the time and resources to make the acquisition happen under the terms outlined in the LOI. We're excited to take this step together and make the deal happen!



Let's get to know each other even better! Due diligence is a thorough review of your business that usually takes 75 to 90 days. We'll take a closer look at things like your accounting history and practices, how you operate, feedback from customers and suppliers, and what the market looks like. We've got a team from Cascade Services who will manage this process, and we'll also bring in some outside experts like accountants to help us out. It's a great opportunity for us to understand your business even more and make sure we're making the right move.

We're almost there! The final step is to put everything in writing and get the funding in place. Once all the legal stuff is taken care of, we'll wire the funds to you, and that's it, the acquisition is complete! We can finally pop the champagne and celebrate the start of a wonderful and profitable future together. We're excited to be working with you and looking forward to a bright future.